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How Do I Care For My Car After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

Investing in a ceramic coating can help preserve your car’s paintwork. The protective qualities of ceramic coatings prevent liquids and harmful pollutants from interacting with the paint while keeping your vehicle looking shiny and new. Some people believe that covering their cars with a ceramic coating reduces the need for regular maintenance. This isn’t the case, however. It’s still very important to maintain your ceramic coating properly in order to ensure your paintwork remains protected.

To reap the benefits of ceramic coatings for years to come, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance. The best ways to preserve your ceramic coating in pristine condition are detailed in this article by Mirror Image Auto Detailing. 


How should you take care of a ceramic coating on your vehicle?

After applying the ceramic coating, you must wait seven days before washing your vehicle.

Ceramic coatings provide essential protection for your paintwork, but they cure slowly. Because the ceramic coating is such an expensive investment, it is recommended that you wait at least a week after it has been applied unless you want to risk washing the whole coating down the drain. This allows the ceramic coating to have enough time to cure effectively.

Washing your car once or twice per week is the recommended frequency.

Because of the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating on your automobile, most types of water based debris and smudges will have a difficult time adhering to the surface while you are driving. Conversely, the ceramic coating might get encrusted with elements such as dirt, stones, and other small degrading substances. If the ceramic coating is not cleaned regularly, these contaminants will slowly destroy it, causing it to become less hydrophobic. You should wash your vehicle every two to four weeks to preserve and maintain the ceramic surface.

Do No Wash Your Car In Direct Sunlight

When you wash your car in the sunlight, streaks and water spots are more likely to appear on the vehicle’s surface. If you want your car to have a beautiful, shiny surface, wash it in a covered location, such as a garage. This will prevent any water spots or other damage.

Using Appropriate Cleaning Products

Shampoos and soaps explicitly designed for use on automobiles should be used to clean your car. Because of their pH-neutral composition and the fact that they do not cause damage to the finish, these cleaning products are the most effective ones for use on a vehicle with a ceramic coating. Utilizing solutions designed specifically for washing cars that do not include wax will make cleaning your vehicle a breeze.

Using the two bucket method

When washing a vehicle, using the two buckets is the most effective approach to avoid creating swirls in the paint caused by dirt. Both of the buckets are put to use for different washing and rinsing activities. You will find both the car specific washing chemical and a water solution in the wash bucket. Only filtered water is allowed to be used in the rinse bucket. After being submerged in the wash bucket, the wash mitt is used to clean the car’s surface. After the cleaning process is complete, the wash mitt is immersed in the rinse bucket to remove any dirt, stones, or other contaminants that may still be present. After being cleaned, the mitt is dipped into the wash bucket so that it may be reused to clean another section of the vehicle.

Remove all contaminants from the coated paint’s surface as soon as possible.

Tree sap, insect splatter, and bird droppings are all examples of acidic contaminants that may harm the ceramic coating on your vehicle. We recommend that you get rid of them as soon as possible, before they make their way into the ceramic coated paint you have.

How to contact Mirror Image Auto Detail for a ceramic coating service?

At Mirror Image Auto Detailing, our staff has years of expertise working in the automotive detailing industry and has all undergone significant training. You can be confident that you will get the most exceptional ceramic coatings. If you have any queries about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (661) 483-7838, through email at, or in person at our office located at 42108 Valley Vista Drive, Quartz Hill, California 93536, USA.

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