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How Do You Wash Your Car With PPF Installed?

It is essential to preserve the look of your vehicle and to have it serviced by a professional if you want it to continue to function and look in prime condition. If you’ve had paint protection film (PPF) applied to the exterior of your car, it’s critical that you keep it in good condition. The process of washing your car with paint protection film is very important. This article provides helpful information and points to consider when washing a car that has had PPF installed.


Definition of PPF

PPF is a flexible, transparent polyurethane film used to make a clear bra (Paint Protection Film). Apply it to the top of your vehicle using a specific adhesive for the best results. For further protection, PPF can be sprayed over paint or vinyl. Self healing capabilities are activated by heat in paint protection film. As a result, scratches will heal when exposed to light and heat.

What are the primary advantages of using PPF?

When you have paint protection film installed on your vehicle, you will enjoy several advantages, including the following:

It is easier for you to keep your car clean.

Because of its hydrophobic nature, paint protection film makes it much simpler to clean a vehicle by avoiding adhesions. Bird poop may be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, and dirt can be washed away with a fast spray.

Protecting your car from the sun

The paintwork on your automobile is susceptible to damage from the sun. Even during the winter, the paint may be damaged by UV radiation. If your paint is left exposed for extended periods, the result will be dull and unattractive paintwork. However, PPF provides the paint with a shield against environmental factors.

Raising the resale value of your vehicle.

Applying paint protection film will improve your vehicle’s resale value. It has a significant role in the trade in value of your car. An attractive paint job may add thousands of dollars to the worth of your automobile when it’s time to sell it.

How to wash a vehicle with paint protection film?

Here are a few things to remember while washing a car that has had paint protection film installed. 

  • You may see bubbles or a minor haze during the first week of the film’s drying process. This period lasts for seven days. The wetness will only last a week to two weeks, so there is no need to worry. Bubbles may occur if the installation is carried out while the surface is still moist.
  • When the coating is entirely dry, you may proceed with your usual automobile cleaning routine (using the two bucket wash method and a microfiber wash mitt). If cleaning the film with a pressure washer, keep the spray lance at least three feet away from the film’s surface, paying particular attention to the edges. PH neutral products designed to care for automobiles work best on film.
  • It is essential to remove any insect spatter or bird droppings as soon as possible since the acids in these substances may etch the layer responsible for self healing, and the ambient heat within the vehicle may hasten the process. Bugs may be removed by using pressured water from three feet away. However, bird droppings may be cleaned by pouring warm water on them, allowing them to soften for a full minute, and then wiping them off with a microfiber cloth.
  • If you routinely wash and wax your automobile, you’ll be unable to see the film. Abrasive polishes, as well as those containing petroleum or solvents, should be avoided. Solvents may harm the film’s self healing layer while removing the adhesive. Using abrasive or resin based materials on the film might result in hazing
  • Over time, scratches and swirl marks in the film will disappear. Pouring warm water over the appropriate region can assist the top layer in transforming back into its previous condition helping to speed up the process.

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