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How much does it cost to do a paint correction service?

Paint correction is an investment worth doing if your vehicle’s appearance and longevity are important to you. There is no way that is more effective to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and make heads turn when you drive past, even from those who are not knowledgeable about cars! When doing paint correction, two essential aspects must be considered: quality and cost. You can learn more about the cost of paint correction and how it may help you by reading this article by Mirror Image Auto Detailing in Quartz Hill, CA. 


What are the steps in the paint correction process?

Paint correction removes flaws in a vehicle’s finish and restores it to an almost brand new state. These faults include swirl marks, marring from an automated vehicle wash, tiny scratches, wet stains, and engraved bird droppings.

Different machine polishers, compounds, polishes, and graded pads are used in the finishing process to restore paint. When a car’s paint has been properly repaired, the human eye can not detect swirl marks, scratches, or other imperfections.

Paint correction comprises several steps, each of which plays their own role in removing these flaws from your paint job. You will find outlined below the three stages of paint correction:

Stage 1

The first step in the procedure involves erasing deep swirl patterns and scratches by the use of a cutting compound that is very potent and a big pad. This method will leave tiny scratches or flaws, necessitating moving to the next step.

In addition to the possibility of spot wet sanding for deeper scratches, it is necessary to use solid cutting compounds and heavy cutting pads. This process must be performed on cars with significant swirl marks, scratches, and other paint defects.

Stage 2

As a continuation of stage 1, stage 2 eliminates any marks that the deep cut may have left behind. This step also prepares the surface for applying the final polish and gloss. It’s perfect for use on cars that have light scratches that have not yet totally damaged the clear finish. Additionally, it provides a sheen, making the final polishing phase easier.

Stage 3

A single polish and pad combination is used throughout the polishing process on the paint. This paint correction is suited for paintwork already in fantastic condition, with no apparent swirls and only a few tiny faults in the finish. The paint must be revitalized with finishing polish and a finishing pad to achieve a beautiful sheen via polishing. However, this procedure is not effective in removing significant swirls or scratches.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Paint Corrected?

The establishment of a price is contingent upon a variety of factors. There is a correlation between the state of the paint on your vehicle, the amount of surface area it has, and even the color of the paint (darker colors show more scratches and, therefore, often require more work). 

Do cars need paint correction?

Most people believe that a brand new car does not need paint correction; yet, to shine, brand-new vehicles require a single degree of polishing! If a brand-new car has been parked on a lot or shown in a showroom for an extended period, it is likely to have swirl marks on the paint. As a direct result of this, they need to be polished before being put up for sale.

Mirror Image Auto Detailing is the ideal place to improve the appearance of the surface of your car with paint correction. To schedule an appointment, please call Mirror Image Auto Detail at (661) 483-7838; alternatively, you may visit our location at 42108 Valley Vista Drive, Quartz Hill, CA 93536, USA.

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