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How much does paint protection film cost?

You can maintain your car in pristine condition and protect its worth by using paint protection film on the exterior. Due to its superior protective qualities, paint protection film is quickly gaining popularity among car owners. Do the benefits of paint protection film make it a worthwhile investment? How much does paint protection film cost? If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of paint protection film and the variables that affect the price, keep reading this post from the team at Mirror Image Auto Detailing in Lancaster, California.


What factors affect the cost of paint protection film?

The cost of applying paint protection film will vary based on the state of the original paint, the amount of coverage required, and the installation’s difficulty level.

The condition of your vehicle 

All of the vehicle’s paintwork must be in perfect condition before applying paint protection film. This prevents paint defects from being trapped and exacerbated by the film’s tight adhesion to the surface. Even a brand-new car from the dealership may need additional prep work before paint protection film can be applied. As a result, professionals installing paint protection films will carry out preparatory work on the car’s body. This might include anything from a complete wash to machine polish.



The whole vehicle may be covered with paint protection film, including vulnerable areas. You’ll have to pay more as more film is used. Car owners are often given three standard choices from paint protection film installers.

  • Partial Front – It comprises the hood, wings, bumper, and mirrors on both sides of the vehicle.
  • Full Front – It contains the whole of the hood, in addition to the front bumper, the wings, and the mirrors.
  • Whole Exposed Surface – This includes all the painted panels found on the exterior. It provides complete protection, not only from the debris on the road but also from any scratches that may occur on the side.

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Why should car owners choose paint protection film?

Self-healing Properties

Paint protection films can heal themselves if they get scratched or damaged. Numerous layers make up the composition of the film, and all of these layers work together to protect the paint job on the car and repair any little scratches that may occur. This is made possible by a scratch-resistant urethane coating applied outside the vehicle. This coating enables you to remove minor scratches from the car’s exterior by washing it with hot water and then letting it dry in the sun for some time.


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Keeping colors from fading

Sunlight and other kinds of precipitation (rain, snow) harm your car’s paint. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays causes paint on vehicles to fade when driven in bright sunlight. PPF’s unique chemical properties make it effective against fading. Your car’s exterior will stay pristine and keep its showroom shining with paint protection film.

Blocks any potential chemical reactions

During the cold winter season, grit and salt are constantly sprayed on roadways. If your car comes into contact with specific contaminants on the road, the paint on your vehicle will deteriorate. They accelerate the process of paint deterioration and develop the formation of rust, both of which are hazardous to your car. Paint Protection Film (PPF) protects a vehicle’s paint from the corrosive effects of the environment, extending the life of its finish and improving its overall appearance.

Where can you find professional paint protection film in Lancaster, CA?

Mirror Image Auto Detailing in Lancaster, California, is the best option if you want your paint protection film to be applied by a trained expert using only the best products. If you need help deciding which film is most suitable for your automobile, our knowledgeable technicians will be happy to advise. Visit us at 42257 6th St W #305 Lancaster, CA 93534, or call +16612647292 to set up an appointment.

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