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Mirror Image Auto Detailing Commercial & Residential Window Tinting Solutions

Geoshield Apex Ceramic Window Film

Our hybrid ceramic Window Film is a high-performance nano hybrid ceramic film that not only looks great but it also performs even better. With this advanced technology, we could bring premium performance and style at a reasonable price point for everyone!

geoshield apex window tint Lancaster CA Quartz Hill CA Palmdale CA
  • Limited Lifetime Auto Warranty
  • High Total Solar Energy Rejection
  • Super Hybrid Ceramic Technology
  • High Optical Clarity
  • Low Haze
  • Low Reflectivity
  • Black Finish
  • Over 95% Infrared Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Rejection

Geoshield Pro Nano Window Film

Geoshield Pro nano Ceramic Automotive film is revolutionizing the window tinting industry. It fuses stable color polyester with nano-ceramic particles to deliver outstanding IR heat rejection, uncompromising looks, and a super-easy installation process that won’t damage your vehicle’s interior surfaces like other films on the market can do!

geoshield pro nano window tint Lancaster CA Quartz Hill CA Palmdale CA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Color Stable
  • 2 Ply / 2 Mil Construction
  • No EMI-Satellite and Cell Safe
  • High Optical Clarity
  • Low Haze
  • High Total Solar Energy Rejection
  • Super Ceramic Nano Technology
  • Low Reflectivity
  • Over 76% of Infrared Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Rejection

What is Window Tint?

Window tinting is a way to keep your Interior cool and secure from prying eyes
We use two main types of film: Geoshield Carbon and Geoshield Pro Nano, both have their advantages, and our team at Mirror image Auto Detailing can guide you to which film is most suitable for you – or you can have a look at our tint simulator below!

What are the Types of Window Tint Films?

Window tints come in various materials and can be categorized by their durability. The most common types are as follows:

window tinting Dyed Window Tint

Our window tint is the most economical solution for those who want privacy but are not concerned with rejecting heat or light. It blocks UV rays and IR, giving you a great deal without sacrificing anything!

window tinting Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tint is an excellent option for those looking to reduce heat. It also looks good and provides privacy, as it blocks out cell signal interference while giving an even surface that doesn’t reflect light.

window tinting Ceramic Window Tint

One of the best window tint on offer is ceramic. These types use particles to reject heat, sun glare, and UV rays which means that you can enjoy clear vision with complete protection for your eyes!

window tinting Quartz Hill, Lancaster, CA
best window tint
5 star window tint services

What are the Benefits of Window Tint Films?

window tinting Superior Heat Rejection

Our Geoshield window tint is better than anything you’ve seen before. They keep your car cool, improve fuel efficiency and protect you from those prying eyes!

window tinting UV Ray Protection

Geoshield window tint is made from the best materials, so you can enjoy the protection that lasts. It provides over 99% UV blocking, which protects your skin against cancer and premature aging, as well as fading leather or plastics in cars for years to come!

window tinting Greater Clarity

The technology in window tinting films provides the best performance without compromising safety.

window tinting geoshield tint lancaster ca palmdale ca quartz hill ca

Window Tinting in Lancaster, California

Window tint is not just for the benefit of keeping cool. With our window tints, you can enjoy a sophisticated look to your vehicle that will stand out from others while also protecting both yourself and your family while adding security measures and prying eyes!

Tinting your windows will provide you with peace of mind, a more comfortable drive, and security. Window tints are the best way to protect yourself from that uncomfortable midday sun.

How Does Window Tinting Protect From UV Damage?

There are different choice types, but not all films provide a sufficient level of harmful UV rays absorption for them to be called “protective.” The higher VLT% means that more light is allowed!

FAQs – Professional Window Tint in Lancaster, CA

1. Does the quality of car tint matter?

The quality ofu003cstrongu003e window tintu003c/strongu003e can make a huge difference, and nobody wants to have windows that bubble or peel within a few months! Quality window tints such as Geoshield Tint not only give your car that professional look but also improve its performance and allow you not to have to run that air conditioning for so long!

2. Does Window Tint affect insurance?

u003cstrongu003eWindow tintingu003c/strongu003e is a common practice in states with high temperatures. There are two types of window tints: the dark, solid color and more subtle limo-tint that can reduce heat from sun’s rays exposure and provide privacy by absorbing light emissions or reflecting them away before they hit your car interior surfaces, for example, outside on sunny days! We always recommend you check the laws in your town to ensure you do not tint your windows too dark.

3. How long does window tinting take?

It takes about 20-30 minutes per window, depending on many factors such as cleanliness, size, etc. Of course, you can also choose to tint just one or two windows if that’s what will make your car look fantastic. We’ll finish the job in half a day so it won’t take up all week!


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