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The Best Paint Correction in Lancaster, CA | Mirror Image Auto Detailing

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What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a process that seeks to improve the quality and clarity of your clear coat. It can take time, but it could also increase how much money you get when selling off any used vehicle with this type of improved paint job!

The term “paint correction” refers to the process of removing defects from your paintwork using different stages, each more refined than the last. A variety of polishing machined and polish pads are used in this endeavor which refines, and smooths out imperfections on car paint.

While many may refer to it as buffing, cutting, or even polishing the paintwork we level out these imperfections until you have greater clarity and enhanced gloss.


How Are Swirl Marks Caused?

While many may refer to it as buffing, cutting, or even polishing the paintwork – we level out these imperfections until you have greater clarity and enhanced gloss. When we polish and correct your car’s paint, what we’re removing are thousands of tiny scratches. These slight flaws in design can be attributed to improper washing or drying techniques which leave them as swirl marks on any painted surface!

While most people go for the standard clear-based hand wash at their local car wash or drive-through, they are causing contaminants that get stuck onto your paintwork This results in thousands of microscopic scratches on their finish during the process; these add up over time, too, creating an obvious problem called swirl marks!

When a wash mitt or microfiber towel falls on the ground and picks up debris and dirt, you can be guaranteed to Inflict swirl marks into the paint’s surface. There are a number of other things that can cause these tiny scratches on the finish of the paint, all too often people do not clean out their buckets properly, the grit and dirt can sit on the bottom of the bucket and when the wash mitt is mixed in the water, it picks up these hard deposits that get dragged across the paint’s surface cause tiny scratches. If you wash and dry your car incorrectly, these particles act like scouring agents, and the wiping action of the towel causes them to dig into the clear coat.

What stages does a paint correction process include?

Depending on the condition of your paintwork, it may be that a single-stage polish is sufficient to remove these pesky swirl marks and fine scratches. However, if your vehicle is not in great condition, we would need to consider various different stages to correct the paintwork.

Wet Sanding

First, we wet-sand the paint to remove severe imperfections – deep scratches. This aggressive abrasion will help to level the paintwork and remove those deep scratches within the clear coat.


When it comes to polishing, the goal is always a high degree of surface clarity. In this stage, we’ll use a cutting polish that has been designed specifically for removing light scratches and haze as well as follow up with lighter compounds to further refine the paint.


Finishing a paint correction service requires both skill and patience to get the desired results. Finishing includes many steps, but we can bring you outstanding gloss and clarity by using softer pads and less aggressive polishing compounds!

FAQs – Let’s Learn Morel

1. How long does paint correction take?

When a paint job needs a little more than just minor touch-ups, there are three levels of correction to choose from: polish only; cut & polish with the finish. With these options available for any size project or budget — no job is too big!

2. How do we know if my car needs a paint correction service?

How to tell if your car needs paint correction services: If you see swirls on the surface of your vehicle left behind by machine wash brushes or bad washing techniques, it’s time for a paint correction service.

How much does Paint Correction Cost?

The price of paint correction depends on the size and condition of your car. For example, suppose you have an older model that’s been neglected or damaged in a significant way. In that case, it’ll likely cost more than a recently purchased one with pristine bodywork because this type requires a more substantial amount of work.


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